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Everyone with an active lifestyle has experienced the benefits of improved blood circulation, and Circularity has developed a one-of-a-kind, industry-leading solution to magnify those benefits with outsized results.

This is a more powerful, clinically validated alternative to the well-known and widely used sexual performance enhancers. D'OXYVA® (deoxyhemoglobin vasodilator) is promising faster, easier, and more efficient delivery of a variety of molecules locally, anywhere on the body over the skin (transdermal).

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    The mechanism of action of the blockbuster erectyle dysfunction (ED) drug with the famous little blue pills can be traced directly to the breakthroughs in Nitric Oxide research (gasotransmitter).

    Nitric Oxide (NO) is marketed all over for its benefits, yet another gasotransmitter, Carbon Dioxide (CO2) does even more for the body and until recently has been ignored.

    It wasn’t until Circularity Healthcare found a gentle, fast and effective way to deliver CO2 over the skin and over the counter that the real benefits could be discovered.

The D'OXYVA performance enhancement & recovery solution uses a painless, transdermal (over-the-skin) delivery of molecular CO2 to significantly improve blood flow, skin perfusion, and strengthen microcirculation in certain parts of your body, for at least 4 hours at a time.

After a single 5-minute administration, both male and female participants in various clinical trials showed drastic, often doubling improvements in blood flow (100%* from baseline), and a consistent drop of 25%* in blood pressure in all (100%*) participants, as measured periodically for 4 hours afterward.

Regular daily users reported significant improvements in stamina and energy. Participants who had taken D'OXYVA regularly also reported muscle pain relief and stronger vitals during physician checkups.

D'OXYVA is not meant to give you an instant erection, although users have reported such benefits, especially the ones living with diabetes. D'OXYVA aims to restore the natural functions over time, typically by taking it 5 minutes a day for 4-8 weeks**.

Additional benefits when taken daily may include, but are not limited to:

    Increased & improved muscle size & body tone, enhanced cardiac function, sexual performance & desire

    Significant, fast physical performance increase & pain relief

    Significantly improved mental acuity; concentration, eye-hand coordination while promoting relaxation & managing stress

    Weight loss as a result of improved circulation & metabolism

    Enhanced absorption of skin & body enhancing products through the increase of circulation

Start Taking D'OXYVA—Boost Your Active & Intimate Life

Significant Metabolic Weight Loss for Women and Men Even Against Obesity

Taking D'OXYVA daily promotes benefits related to improved circulation, including significantly increased cardiac activity, physical fitness, metabolism, endurance, energy balance and a healthy weight.

A single 5-minute application daily from our device weighing less than a pound could have you shedding pounds and being more active again. If you depend on exercise to bolster your circulation and metabolism in order to lose weight, then supplement your efforts with D'OXYVA's microcirculatory blood flow solution.

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"I am seeing an increase in muscle mass due to the D'OXYVA. I feel great. Thanks, Dr. Jim" - Dr. Jim Bledsoe from Pensacola, FL United States

"I have found that after only two weeks of using the D'OXYVA system daily that my metabolism has increased and is helping me to lose weight. My sex drive has increased and I am sleeping better throughout the night."
- Judy Trocha from Pollock Pines, CA United States

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