Do You Suffer from Neuropathy?

Optimize Blood Circulation for Significant Outcomes!


D'OXYVA is a novel, clinically validated blood flow and nerve stimulant for people suffering from neuropathy. In various clinical trials, D'OXYVA has validated leading independent research results and demonstrated above-average results in improving a host of physiological functions at the same time.

Subjects suffering from high blood sugar have reported neuropathy pain relief minutes after D'OXYVA® (deoxyhemoglobin vasodilator) was administered and long-term blood sugar level improvements in just a few weeks.

Rapid and gentle transdermal (over-the-skin) delivery with the D'OXYVA light-weight and hand-held device has recorded improving the blood microcirculation or perfusion index (PI) by 33%* on average in all participants. (Measured lasting results at 5–60 minutes and up to 4 hours after single 5–minute D'OXYVA delivery on skin surface, no reduction in PI levels.)

*Average results rounded for display, based on number of enrolled subjects in each clinical study with D'OXYVA.

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Taking D'OXYVA daily, users have reported a number of quality of life benefits beyond significantly reducing risks of chronic conditions, including but not limited to:

    Relief from symptoms of microvascular complications

    Significantly increased cardiac function, physical fitness, endurance and strength, muscle size, body tone, faster recovery from sports injuries and surgical trauma

    Promoting and maintaining a healthy weight, improving general mobility, deeper, more restful sleep

    Significant improvement of mental acuity; concentration, heightened stamina, energy, and focus while managing stress

    Improved vitals across the board during checkups with zero adverse event reports after years of regular use by people with various health, demographic, and ethnic backgrounds

Start taking D'OXYVA® just a few times a week and start your new life today

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What it does

D'OXYVA provides complete healing of difficult wounds together with major pain relief and improved quality of life:

  • Detoxify the skin and body
  • Improve sleep, stamina and skin health
  • Reduce inflammation
  • And much more for all kinds of people

How it works

  • Non-electrical
  • Handheld
  • Painless
  • Fast & easy use virtually anywhere

Taking D'OXYVA is easy; hold it against your skin surface for 5 minutes total, like comfortably inserting your thumb or anywhere you are hurt.

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