Optimize Blood Circulation for a Variety of Significant Outcomes!

In a landmark clinical study, D'OXYVA® (deoxyhemoglobin vasodilator) recorded consistent blood pressure (BP) reduction of up to 25%* in all participants at all measured times during 4 hours—maintaining healthy BP among diabetic (both Type 1–2) and non-diabetic participants.

*Average results rounded for display, based on number of enrolled subjects in each clinical study with D'OXYVA.
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Generally recommended by doctors:



Take it daily—in a few weeks significantly reduce the risks of:







    *Six years of excellent user feedback and over two dozen clinical studies demonstrated outsized results at clinics and at home with zero adverse events. For example, D'OXYVA® (deoxyhemoglobin vasodilator) has been recording significant results also as a varicose vein treatment while delivering major clinical outcomes for well over 90% of users. Average results rounded for display, based on number of enrolled subjects in each clinical study with D'OXYVA and user feedback. Read D'OXYVA Clinical Evidence

    **Individual results may vary. Ask your doctor before taking D'OXYVA. For prescription for medical use. Read D'OXYVA Regulatory Statements

    ***We will refund your entire D'OXYVA purchase price if you do not achieve any improvements (proof of purchase required, improvements of blood flow (perfusion index) measured from absolute baseline without taking D'OXYVA). Read Circularity's Return Policy

DOXYVA Dark Gray (DG) Complete Health Device (Zoom-in) | Non-invasive Non-Significant Risk (NSR) Transdermal (Over-the-Skin) Device 7011

Are you burned out from travel and work? Are you looking to boost your stamina and sleep better?

Are you in pain?

Do you have chronic, burn or trauma wounds healing slowly or not at all?

Is amputation imminent?

Are you suffering from high cholesterol, blood pressure or sugar?

Do you have trouble remembering things or just getting around the house?

People taking D'OXYVA have recorded significant improvements in cardiovascular activity leading to much improved physical activity.

As part of a healthy lifestyle, D'OXYVA may help significantly reduce the risk of high blood pressure, hypertension, cholesterol, and diabetes in just 2 or 3 months with taking it 5 times a week. Read other options to help your circulation in "Blood Flow vs Blood Circulation - Doctor Approved Methods".

Poor circulation is a gateway for a litany of ailments:

Slow Healing


Poor Complexion


Slow Metabolism

DOXYVA Turquoise (TQ) Complete Health Device (Zoom-in) | Non-invasive Non-Significant Risk (NSR) Transdermal (Over-the-Skin) Device 7011

D'OXYVA significantly improves sustained oxygen-rich microcirculatory blood flow locally and throughout the body. Its patented and patent-pending method of fully non-invasive, painless, and harmless transdermal (over the skin) delivery is unique only to D'OXYVA.

Taking D'OXYVA daily, users have reported a number of quality of life benefits beyond significantly reducing risks of chronic conditions, including but not limited to:

    Relief from symptoms of microvascular complications

    Significantly increased cardiac function, physical fitness, endurance and strength, muscle size, body tone, faster recovery from sports injuries and surgical trauma

    Improved self-esteem via promoting healthy and radiant skin, complexion, dry skin relief, and acne reduction

    Significant reduction in downtime from other skin treatments and cosmetic procedures when used in combination, reduction in the appearance of scars, cellulite, fat, spider veins and stretch marks

    Promoting and maintaining a healthy weight, improving general mobility, deeper, more restful sleep

    Significant improvement of mental acuity; concentration, problem solving, multitasking, eye-hand coordination, heightened stamina, energy, and focus while managing stress

    Improved vitals across the board during checkups with zero adverse event reports after years of regular use by people with various health, demographic, and ethnic backgrounds

Check out the colors of D'OXYVA® devices and start your new life

D'OXYVA's platform solution acting as a catalyst for the body to heal and improve itself is vaporized ultra-purified medical and pharmaceutical carbon dioxide. Purified CO2 is a non-toxic pharmaceutical molecule cleared by the U.S. FDA, the European Medicines Agency, and nearly all drug regulatory agencies worldwide registered in their respective pharmacopeias. Read our regulatory statements.

    CO2 is a non-toxic substance and delivering it via transdermal means (over the skin) by D'OXYVA has demonstrated a much better and safer alternative route to inhalation.

    Circularity Healthcare fills its patented, GMP-compliant, mini EasyTwist Cartridges with medical carbon dioxide and delivers it via its D'OXYVA, fully non-invasive transdermal delivery device.

    Our products are manufactured in compliance with the highest medical device standards (e.g., EN ISO13485:2012).

Circularity's platform biotechnology carries virtually no health risks but much greater benefits and cost savings than other modalities.

Take D'OXYVA® Daily—Significantly Improve Your Health in a Few Weeks

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What it does

D'OXYVA® (deoxyhemoglobin vasodilator) is the only fully non-invasive, non-irritating, non-opioid, and completely painless, transdermal (over the skin) microcirculatory solution. With over five years of industry-leading clinical research results, D'OXYVA demonstrated that it does not break the skin's barrier while it provides outsized quality of life and clinical outcomes quickly and affordably.

In short, based on current leading neurology, immunology, microvascular, and cellular oxygenation science, D'OXYVA is leading the field by:

  • Significantly lowering the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular complications.

  • Providing complete healing of difficult wounds together with major pain relief and improved quality of life.

How it works

D'OXYVA's soft vapor solution with ultra-purified medical CO2 readily dissolves in a molecular form in the skin to improve skin perfusion pressure and optimize microcirculation.

  • Non-electrical, handheld, painless
  • Fast & easy use virtually anywhere with no adverse side effects
  • Improve sleep, stamina, and skin health
  • Reduce inflammation
  • And much more for all kinds of people

Taking D'OXYVA is easy; hold it against your skin surface for 5 minutes total, like comfortably inserting your thumb or anywhere you are hurt.

The Science

Increased oxygen-rich microcirculatory tissue perfusion is widely reported in published clinical research to improve physiological processes including but not limited to wound, tissue healing and repair, athletic performance, stamina, sleep quality, skin health, and much more.

D'OXYVA has recorded instant, outsized, and sustained improvements of the autonomic nervous system (ANS) in the brain leading to major tissue perfusion, blood circulation in macro-, and microcirculation enhancement in controlled human clinical trials (Phase I to III). These benefits result in significant improvements of essential physiological processes and clinical outcomes.

Medical CO2 gas is a widely accepted so-called gasotransmitter acting as a natural vasodilator amongst other beneficial critical signaling funtions when delivered by D'OXYVA's patented and patent-pending process.

D'OXYVA delivers the highest possible concentration of CO2 and has been clinically studied to significantly increase lasting blood flow volume in the microcirculatory system.

In addition, increased microcirculation with CO2 is widely known to increase the perfusion of oxygen.

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