D'OXYVA (PURPLE) Portable Non-invasive Transdermal Device (NTD)
Purple Transdermal Delivery System
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Industry-leading Transdermal Delivery System

D'OXYVA skin careThe D'OXYVA® purple transdermal delivery system is part of Circularity’s first clinically tested series of products, an all-natural regenerative product that has been recorded to increase blood circulation through a non-invasive and painless perfusion of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and water vapor solution.

The benefits may include relief from the symptoms of microvasular dysfunction, improved rate of healing of various injuries, reduction in the appearance of cellulite, stretch marks, and spider veins, improved sleep, and a greater sense of energy and well-being for all kinds of people.

Poor circulation is considered to be the root cause of many ailments including skin problems, low metabolism, slow healing, and depression. D'OXYVA significantly improves tissue perfusion so you may achieve better health from the inside out.

Independent research indicates that improved perfusion may help alleviate dysfunction associated with diabetes, neuropathic pain, hypertension, and obesity. Improved microcirculation and the enhanced cell respiration are also believed to help nerve pain and a variety of skin problems by helping the body’s cells heal from the inside out.

Absorption of localized CO2 with D'OXYVA on the skin was recorded in human clinical trials to stimulate circulation also to the extremities. The result is enhanced microcirculatory and overall health as oxygen-rich blood is delivered to the skin improving the tissue perfusion needed for healthy skin cells.

D'OXYVA is the clinically tested way to instantly boost your blood circulation. This portable device stimulates microcirculation by painlessly introducing CO2 to a localized area of skin. Although the time required for an application is just five minutes, the circulatory effects last for hours.

  • The D'OXYVA® device weighs less than a pound and requires an ounce of clean drinking water combined with Circularity's disposable and recyclable CO2 cartridges. No electricity, costly equipment or special training is necessary to get started on a new you.