D'OXYVA Water Capsule

Proprietary Supersaturated Water-Gas Vapor Production

Recommended usage by health professionals:
5x weekly for the first month for aid in healing, then a minimum of 3x weekly for maintenance. Athletes and many people with various goals and conditions may apply 2x or even 3x daily without detrimental side effects according to numerous studies and users.

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Superior CO2 + H2O Mixing with D'OXYVA Water Capsules

Circularity's patent-pending technology for D'OXYVA is based on our company's novel method of controlling Carbon Dioxide (CO2) flow when combined with Water (H2O). A flow regulator, at the heart of the control mechanism, has been precisely designed and tuned to maximize the CO2 gas reliability when injected from the Easytwist Premium Cartridges containing the GMP-compliant, purified, so called food-, or pharma-grade liquid CO2 under pressure into the Water Capsule where the Supersaturated CO2 + H2O Vapor™ is created. Published independent clinical research describes that it would not be possible to generate such elevated blood flow, cellular oxygenation levels, and efficient transdermal delivery without the high CO2 content in D'OXYVA's supersaturated CO2 vapor. Each patent pending D'OXYVA Water Capsule provides the highest possible mixing of the clean drinking water you need to fill in the Capsules and the CO2 from the Premium Cartridges. In fact, the CO2 + H2O concentration level of the vapor that is gently sprayed onto your skin by the Water Capsule without any force or pressure is about 50,000 parts per million (ppm). This high concentration level is the key for one full 5-minute application of D'OXYVA’s microcirculatory solution. Whether you are seeking to combat circulation problems, or you want to boost your body’s ability to heal itself through D'OXYVA’s wound management applications, our Water Capsules will take care of that process with the same painless, non-invasive application with the same immediate, long-lasting results.

Water Capsules are made exclusively for use with D'OXYVA. No other capsule fits or is suitable for use with D'OXYVA. Recommended usage by health professionals: 5 x per week for the first month for aid in healing, then a minimum of 3 x per week afterward. The Water Capsules are fully recyclable, harmless to the environment and can be dropped in any recycling bin in case of disposal.

  • Liquid CO2 changes to gas when it exits the cartridge after D'OXYVA pierces the cartridge neck, mixes and dissolves into water inside the Water Capsule via Circularity's proprietary technology, and then changes into a so-called supersaturated vapor that is sprayed onto the skin gently at ambient pressure and room temperature.