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Start significantly improving a variety of mild to severe health and cosmetic conditions with Circularity's powerful and clinically validated, all natural Transdermal Regenerative Solution: D'OXYVA.
No side effects reported ever for this easy 5-minute gentle application on your skin. Designed for you to deliver a significantly improved blood circulation, especially in the microcirculation that webs the entire body, while improving oxygen-rich tissue perfusion and autonomic nervous system balance (homeostasis). These are widely accepted by the medical community to lead to a number of significant benefits including:

    Significantly Reduce the Risks of Chronic Conditions and Eliminate Pain in 4-8 Weeks*.
    Enhance Weight Loss, Boost Athletic & Sexual Performance.
    Fade & Eliminate Dark Spider & Varicose Veins in 4-8 Weeks*.
    Aid in Deeper Sleep & Reduce Stress, Detoxify Skin & Body, Reduce Appearance of Acne, Cellulite, Wrinkles, Scars & Stretch Marks.

Overall health boost for seniors and people actively engaged in strenuous activity and easy use by professionals for patients, individuals on the go, and the entire family (user reviews at the bottom of this page or click here).

*Average results based on each clinical study and user feedback with D'OXYVA. Individual results may vary.



Description How To Take D'OXYVA

D'OXYVA review Prof. Ito Puruhito "It works well, proven by the improvement of the perfusion index (PI-Masimo) of the diabetic wounds of Grade Wagner-I and Wagner-2 after a series of 5 applications. We continued the work by measuring TcPO2 (SENTEC) in another group of 15 patients with the same protocol, whereby we can prove that the transdermal CO2 application of D'OXYVA results in wound treatment improvement."

> Chairperson, Research Cooperation Affairs at Institute of Tropical Disease, Airlangga University Surabaya
> Chairperson, Ministry of Education and Culture, Rep. Indonesia, Board of Higher Education, Research Council
> Chairperson, Research Cooperation Affairs, Institute of Tropical Disease, Airlangga University Surabaya


The Health Solutions of the D'OXYVA Transdermal Delivery Device

D'OXYVA cardiovascular, D'OXYVA diabtes, D'OXYVA cancer D'OXYVA's non-invasive delivery system is the result of rigorous testing, research and development. With so many benefits related to improved circulation, the potential health, beauty and cosmetic applications of D'OXYVA are almost limitless.

Doctors have been using the device for years under the Investigational Device Exemption (IDE) to test the improved circulation in patients suffering from diabetes, neuropathy pain, peripheral artery disease, and others.

Health spas offer D'OXYVA as a powerful rejuvenation solution for the reduction of stress, improvement of vitality, and as a fast and painless solution for varicose veins. Individuals seeking to attain fitness goals benefit from D'OXYVA’s ability to heal sore muscles, increase energy levels, and raise metabolism.

The cosmetic benefits of D'OXYVA are also extensive and include reduction in the appearance of spider veins, stretch marks, scars, and cellulite. After just a five-minute application of D'OXYVA, skin maintains healthier functions for hours as the increased microvascular circulation helps your skin cells heal from the inside out.

Try D'OXYVA for yourself and you too may experience all the benefits that come with improved circulation. The application is fast, non-invasive, and utilizes your body’s own natural healing potential. You may be able to fight symptoms and their underlying cause and encourage healthy cell growth.

Rather than introducing new and foreign chemicals to your body, D'OXYVA improves your overall well being and helps your body deliver its own best protection.

Watch How to Use D'OXYVA in 30 Seconds
D'OXYVA 30-Day Trial The D'OXYVA® device's rugged and durable design weighs less than a pound and requires an ounce of clean drinking water combined with Circularity's disposable and recyclable cartridges. No electricity, costly equipment or special training is necessary to get started on a new you.


D'OXYVA Blood Flow Solution
EasyTwist Cartridges (OTC CO2)


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