D'OXYVA Blood Flow Solution
FDA-Cleared Cartridges (Rx CO2)

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Start significantly improving a variety of mild to severe health and cosmetic conditions with Circularity's powerful and clinically validated, all natural Transdermal Regenerative Solution: D'OXYVA.
No side effects reported ever for this easy 5-minute gentle application on your skin. Designed for you to deliver a significantly improved blood circulation, especially in the microcirculation that webs the entire body, while improving oxygen-rich tissue perfusion and autonomic nervous system balance (homeostasis). These are widely accepted by the medical community to lead to a number of significant benefits including:

    Significantly Reduce the Risks of Chronic Conditions and Eliminate Pain in 4-8 Weeks*.

    Heal and completely close chronic diabetic and vascular wounds, trauma and burn wounds in 4-8 weeks*.

    Fade & Eliminate Dark Spider & Varicose Veins in 4-8 Weeks*.

    Aid in Deeper Sleep & Reduce Stress, Detoxify the Skin and Body.

Overall health boost for seniors and people actively engaged in strenuous activity, and easy use by professionals for patients and individuals at home (user reviews at the bottom of this page or click here).

*Average results based on each clinical study and user feedback with D'OXYVA. Individual results may vary.

D'OXYVA review Prof. Endre Varga "D'OXYVA (deoxyhemoglobin vasodilator) treatment was applied twice a day for 25 days. His wound nearly completely healed and closed after 25 days and he could walk with crutches. He was discharged home after three months of treatment."

Head of Central Operation Room and Sterilization Unit, Vice Chairman Trauma Department at University of Szeged Albert Szent-Gyorgyi Clinical Center
Professor of Trauma Surgery
Founder and Board Member ATLS European Commitee
Author and co-author of hundreds of scientific articles, book chapters and abstracts


Superior Non-Invasive Care with D'OXYVA

She is a Happy D'OXYVA User Whether you are seeking to combat circulation problems or you want to boost your body’s ability to heal itself through D'OXYVA® wound care applications, our EasyTwist Cartridge™ will always help you with each full 5-minute applications anywhere on your skin.

Each cartridge provides the same painless, non-invasive circulatory application with the same immediate, long-lasting results. Recommended usage by doctors: 5 x per week for the first month for aid in healing, then a minimum of 3 x per week afterward. People with serious health conditions may take 2-3x per day for months and years to keep healthy.
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EasyTwist Cartridges are made exclusively for use with D'OXYVA. No other cartridge fits or is suitable for use with D'OXYVA. The cartridges are fully recyclable, harmless to the environment and can be dropped in any recycling bin after use.

Watch How to Use D'OXYVA in 30 Seconds

D'OXYVA 30-Day Trial The D'OXYVA® device's rugged and durable design weighs less than a pound and requires an ounce of clean drinking water combined with Circularity's disposable and recyclable cartridges. No electricity, costly equipment or special training is necessary to get started on a new you.

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