Do You Suffer from Pain Caused by Neuropathy? Optimize Blood Circulation for Significant Outcomes!

D'OXYVA® (deoxyhemoglobin vasodilator) is a novel, proven, and side effect-free advanced neuropathy solution and in various clinical trials has validated leading independent research results and demonstrated above-average results in improving a host of physiological functions at the same time.

When used daily, D'OXYVA microcirculatory solution users have reported a number of health and beauty benefits, including but not limited to:

  • Relief from symptoms of microvascular complications

  • Significantly increased cardiac function, physical fitness, endurance and strength, muscle size, body tone, faster recovery from sports injuries and surgical trauma

  • Promoting and maintaining a healthy weight, improving general mobility, deeper, more restful sleep

  • Significant improvement of mental acuity; concentration, problem solving, multitasking, eye-hand coordination, heightened stamina, energy, and focus while managing stress

  • Improved vitals across the board during checkups with zero adverse event reports after years of regular use by people with various health, demographic, and ethnic backgrounds

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  • What it does

    D'OXYVA® (deoxyhemoglobin vasodilator) is the only fully non-invasive, painless, and non-irritating transdermal microcirculatory blood flow solution with industry-leading clinical research results that does not break the skin's barrier.

    D'OXYVA has recorded instant, outsized, and sustained improvements of the autonomic nervous system in the brain, tissue perfusion, blood circulation in macro-, and microcirculation in controlled human clinical trials (Phase I to III), resulting in significant improvements of essential physiological processes and clinical outcomes.

    In short, based on current leading neurology, immunology, microvascular, and cellular oxygenation science, D'OXYVA is leading the field by quickly targeting to:

    Significantly lower the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular complications

    Provide complete healing of difficult wounds together with major pain relief and improved quality of life

    Detoxify the skin and body

    Improve sleep

    Stamina and skin health

    Reduce inflammation

    And much more for all kinds of people.

    How it works

    D'OXYVA's soft vapor of water and FDA-cleared medical CO2 readily dissolves in the skin to increase skin perfusion pressure or microcirculation.

    It is non-electrical, handheld, painless, fast, and easy to use with no adverse side effects, according to years of user feedback and the results of past clinical trials with D'OXYVA.

    It is an affordable, stand alone and adjunct application locally and all over the body. D'OXYVA only takes 5 minutes per application.

    It is widely accepted that CO2 natural vasodilator is non-toxic.

    D'OXYVA microcirculatory solution delivers the highest possible concentration of CO2 and has been clinically studied to significantly increase lasting blood flow volume in the microcirculatory system.

    Increased microcirculation with CO2 is widely known to increase the perfusion of oxygen based on the Bohr effect.

    Increased oxygen-rich microcirculatory tissue perfusion is widely reported in clinical research to improve physiological processes including but not limited to healing, performance, stamina, sleep quality, skin health, and much more.

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