Try D'OXYVA for 30 Days for More Beauty, Health & Performance

How Does the 30-Day Trial Work? See Following Simple Steps -Availability & Eligibility Varies.

D'OXYVA 30-Day Trial


1. Simply FILL OUT the above form, then SELECT the color of your D'OXYVA® device and a box of EasyTwist Cartridges.


2. Enter 30-DAY-TRIAL in the 'Discount Code' field right beneath the list of your products on the shopping cart page and checkout.

3. ACCEPT the following terms and conditions by selecting 'YES' at the 30-Day Trial CHECK BOX on the right side of the checkout page.

NOTE! Your 30-Day Trial period will BEGIN FROM THE DELIVERY DATE of your products.


To begin the trial, you will be charged the full amount of your order. If you choose to return the products during the 30-Day Trial period, we will refund the full product price you paid except shipping costs, unless you qualified for free shipping.

Once the 30-Day Trial has ended, we will not accept returns nor refund your purchase. Please make note of your start date! Upon placing your order, you need to accept these terms and conditions for registering to the trial on the checkout page. Make sure to select 'YES' to the 30-Day Trial check box!


What will I be charged when I start this Trial?

When you order a D'OXYVA® device and a box of EasyTwist Cartridges, you will be charged for your products and shipping and handling at the time of purchase. Exact shipping costs will depend on your selected shipping method and address, which is chosen on the checkout page.

How many products can I order with the Trial offer?

The 30-Day Trial is limited to one (1) device and one (1) box of Cartridges per customer. Additional products may be purchased without a 30-Day Trial by purchasing on this website, calling our toll free number at 1-855-5DOXYVA or at your cost at 1-626-244-8090 or contacting your local/regional Circularity Healthcare Affiliate or Sales Representative.

Does this Trial offer apply to residents outside the United States?

The 30-Day Trial is currently offered to all customers with a valid PayPal account or major credit or debit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) in countries we deliver. See list of countries here.

How do I return the products before the trial period expires?

During the 30-Day Trial, if you decide to cancel your Trial, please call customer service at 1-626-244-8090. After getting the feedback we need from trying the product, we will send you the shipping labels to return the D'OXYVA device and the remaining Cartridges back to Circularity Healthcare. We will pay this shipping cost. Once the 30-Day Trial period has ended, we will not accept returns or refund the purchase price. Please make note of your start date!

I have more questions - who can I contact?

Chat online now, call your Sales Representative or call our Customer Service at 1-626-244-8090 or email us at or and typically, we will respond within one business day.